About Us

Our Mission

In a reliable environment and with our experienced training staff; Learning by discovering, speaking properly in Turkish, high self-confidence, able to express his feelings comfortably, knowing his own culture and values, at the same time having universal and human values, sensitive to his environment, compassionate, knowing to share, responsible, lifelong learning desire, extraordinary thinking and we are here to raise HAPPY CHILDREN who love to research, discover their talents, but most importantly.

Our Vision

It is one of our primary goals to raise individuals with good morals, who are committed to our national and moral values, who are at peace with themselves and their environment, who can communicate effectively and healthily, who have lifelong effort, know how to learn and are open to continuous improvement.

Oyun Merkezli Öğrenme
We provide training with the "game" they need the most. Because when you say play, you cannot find enthusiastic children.
Healthy Eating
We prepare our breakfast, lunch and afternoon breakfast carefully and feed our children healthy.
Safe Environment
We ensure that our children are safe not only in the classroom, but in all usable areas of the school.
Neşeli Çevre
Our school has been designed with our children in mind and all environments have been prepared accordingly.

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